Overseen by United Methodist missionary Chin Cho, the Grace Hospice team attended to his needs. They bathed him. They cleaned his disheveled home. Then they sat down with Zagdsuren, his daughter Mandax, who is blind, and his developmentally challenged grandson, and shared stories. 

Week after week, doctors, nurses, spiritual care staff, and volunteers from Grace Hospice visited the family. They cared for Zagdsuren and assisted with household tasks.  

Zagdsuren died a few months later with his daughter and grandson at his side. But after his death, Mandax struggled. One day she called the hospice, grief-stricken. Grace volunteers returned to support her and her son through their loss. 

Eighty-six-year-old Zagdsuren was suffering from end-stage prostate cancer. His body was in rebellion: he could not walk unaided because of the swelling of his leg. 

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“Our team had touched her heart,” says Molem, a Grace Hospice spiritual care member since 2015. “Mandax missed us. ‘The Grace Hospice team is better than close relatives!’ she said. We were so thankful that she had felt the love of God through us.”

The man smiled in spite of his pain. Visitors were rare. The kind faces of the Grace Hospice team members at his door were an unexpected and welcome sight.

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When Global Ministries missionary Chin Cho was 16 years old, a youth revival speaker challenged him to experience God in a personal way. A documentary film about Mother Teresa’s outreach to the destitute and dying solidified his calling as a missionary.

Chin oversees Grace Hospice as the country coordinator of the Mongolia Mission Initiative. He also leads the mission’s twelve congregations, social ministries, and health services. He trains indigenous clergy and teaches Wesleyan studies at the Mongolia Trinity Bible College. Chin’s missionary wife Chun, formerly an international finance expert, coordinates the mission’s Christian Education programs.

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Global Ministries Missionaries Chin and Chun Cho and their children.