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Rev. Ansil Lynn and Marzie Hall Lynn founded Tunda’s first “hospital”—a traditional Congolese-style pole-and-mud dispensary—in 1922. Dr. William Bryant Lewis and Zaidee Nelson Lewis followed in 1923—the first medical missionaries from Mississippi. We are saving lives thanks to the commitment of these trailblazers—and your partnership.

Our strength is rooted in their courage—and your generosity

The most vulnerable Congolese residents rely on scarcely resourced public health facilities.

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Making healthcare 
available, affordable, and accessible in marginalized communities.

Key to the Global Ministries’ Global Health team’s success is our strategic investment of donor resources in regional health boards and other local leadership. 

Our approach empowers indigenous administrators and healthcare providers to serve their at-risk neighbors and local communities with a holistic, strategic approach to community health resilience.

And it enables us to integrate our expertise on essentials like maternal and newborn healthcare, hospital systems strengthening, treatment and mitigation of infectious disease, and improvements to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

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Your gift today is a strategic investment in better health for marginalized communities.

And thanks to people like you, our Global Health team is continually at work revitalizing hospitals like Tunda as well as other clinics and medical outposts throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo and sub-Saharan Africa. 

Because of the life-saving support of people like you, Tunda Hospital now boasts nine new buildings connected by covered walkways, providing separate wards for maternity, surgery, infectious disease, X-ray, lab work, and other necessities. 

Dr. Damas Lushima, a medical doctor and health board coordinator for East Congo, reports that 90% of Tunda Hospital’s patients live on less than $2 USD per day. And tragically, he adds, malaria is responsible for half of the deaths of children under five. 

“We give thanks to the Lord!” says Dr. Lushima. “Without him, none of the work to improve healthcare for our most vulnerable families would have been possible.”

Dr. Damas Lushima

Given that many families also lack access to electric and solar power, clean water and sanitation, and adequate food and housing, they live under the constant threat of malnutrition and disease. But with your gift to Global Health today, you can help mitigate these hardships by providing healthcare that is available, affordable, and accessible.

Save lives, improve health outcomes, and bring abundant life to at-risk men, women, and children of the DRC and throughout Africa.